Farmer guesthouse and farmer restaurant in Japan draw attentions from Chinese regular travelers

The Japan Finance Corporation (JFC)’s survey on the trend of Chinese travelers to Japan finds that the most satisfied Japanese foods for Chinese travelers was sushi (34.2%), followed by sashimi (29%) and okonomiyaki or Japanese pancake in English (24.4%). The motivations for them to eat Japanese foods included ‘to eat authentic Japanese food in Japan,’ ‘good taste’ or ‘samples or menu pictures look delicious.’

The most satisfied souvenir was sake (50.4%), followed by chocolate snacks (39.2%). The most popular place to buy souvenirs was supermarket or shopping store in all of 12 souvenir categories. For chocolate snacks particularly, the ratio was 52.1%, almost twice higher than 26.1% for convenience store.

Experiences to do in Japan included ‘touring historical sites (53.6%)’ and ‘walking in nature (51.2%),’ both of which were more popular than ‘shopping (40.4%).’ Interestingly, ‘staying in a farmer guesthouse or using a farmer restaurant (38.4%)’ and ‘picking fruits (36%) drew high attentions from 40’s to 50’s females as the next experience to do.

The survey was conducted online in the period from January 5 to 12 2016, and 20’s to 50’s 500 experienced Chinese travelers to Japan within the last year were subject to the survey.

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