HIS continues struggling with an increase in deficit and a large decrease in sales for Q3 of FY2021

HIS announced that one of the largest travel companies in Japan increased net loss to 33.2 billion JPY for the third quarter of FY2021 from November 1 2020 to July 31 2021 from 16.7 billion JPY a year earlier. Sales were continuously down 77.4% year on year to 80.7 billion JPY. Operating loss and ordinary loss were respectively worse to 46.7 billion JPY and 464 billion JPY.

Sales of the travel business were down 89.7% to 35.8 billion JPY, though HIS successfully increased users for its new business ‘online experience tours.’ Operating loss reached 28.3 billion JPY. 

Sales of the theme-park business were up 6.1% to 11.3 billion JPY due to an increase in school trips to Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki. Operating loss, however, amounted to 2.1 billion JPY, more than a year ago.

Sales of the hotel business were down 43.9% to 4.2 billion JPY because of a large reduction in guests, and operating loss was 4.4 billion JPY, almost the same as a year ago.

Sales of Kyushu Sanko Group were down 19.3% to 12.5 billion JPY, as the local travel company in Kyushu was forced to reduce bus operation and shorten operation hours of restaurants and shops.

Sales of the energy business was up 38.2% to 26.1 billion JPY due to more supplies of electric powers than before, but it fell into operating loss of 7.9 billion JPY from operating profit of 200 million JPY a year ago due to rise in fuel costs. 

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