Japan National Tourism Organization draws up a 2023-2025 marketing strategy for inbound travel with three pillars

Japan National Tourism Organization drew up a three-years marketing strategy for inbound travel by 2025 to achieve the government’s goals of 5 trillion JPY in inbound travel spending, two nights an inbound traveler in local regions and recovery of international arrivals to the 2019 level, which are set under the Tourism Promotion Basic Plan. 

The strategy consists of three pillars of ‘strategy by market,’ ‘cross-market strategy on high-value-added travel, adventure travel (AT) and Osaka Kansai EXPO’ and ‘MICR strategy. 

For strategy by market, JNTO is appealing tourism themes or contents by market, focusing on high-spending travelers and travelers who intend to visit local regions as targets, and developing more effective promotional approaches. 

For cross-market strategy, JNTO is strengthening a network of stakeholders, collection of tourism contents and sales of tourism products, targeting travelers who spend 1 million JPY a travel. Also, JNTO partners Adventure Travel Trade Association(ATTA) for AT and is trying to encourage international visitors for the EXPO to visit local regions in Japan. 

For MICE strategy, JNTO will attract international conferences or incentive travels that meet new requirements after the pandemic. 

In addition, JNTO is addressing sustainable tourism to enhance environmental, social and economic sustainabilities in local regions and to raise Japan’s presence globally in sustainable tourism. 

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