Travel expenditure on internet in Japan rose by 60% year on year to 4,402 JPY in April 2023

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (MIC) announced that the average expenditure on internet by a household increased by 10.8% year on year to 21,975 JPY in April 2023 on a nominal basis without any influences from price changes. 

The ratio of households using online shopping was 53% of the total, 0.6 higher points than a year ago. 

Travel expenditure on internet was up 58.7% to 4,402 JPY, close to 4,771 JPY in August 2019. The nominal contribution rate was 8.21%, higher than other items. 

The growths were found in closes or shoes (up 4.4% on a nominal basis and 0.5% of the nominal contribution rate), tickets (up 22.7% on a nominal basis and 0.85% of the nominal contribution rate) and foods (up 5.5% on a nominal basis and 1.17% of the nominal contribution rate. 



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