Total sales of 43 Japanese major travel companies in FY2022 were two-third of FY2019

Japan Tourism Agency announced that sales of 43 major travel companies in FY2022 ended March 31 2023 doubled year on year or decreased by 36.3% over FY2019 to 2.9 trillion JPY in total. Sales in domestic travel recovered to a 6.5% reduction to 2.4 trillion JPY compared to FY2019, mainly boosted by the national travel campaign.

Sales in overseas travel were down 74.6% to 454.6 billion JPY, although a recovery sign has been seen since the summer 2022.  Sales in inbound travel were down 70.5% to 65.8 billion JPY.

In comparison with FY2019, sales in domestic package tours reduced by 27.5% to 642.2 billion JPY with 19,668,765 customers (down 30.8%). Sales in overseas package tours were down 95.8% to 16.4 billion JPY with 43,752 customers (down 97.2%).


JTB Group companies decreased annual sales by 23.2% to 1.2 trillion JPY in total. HIS continued reducing sales by 67.6% to 146.8 billion JPY because it largely relies on the overseas travel business. KNT-CT Holdings decreased sales by 36.1% to 293 billion JPY, and NTA decreased sales by 39.3% to 247.6 billion JPY.

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