Japan Tourism Marketing survey shows the ratio of Thai regular travelers to Japan is close to 70%

The Japan Tourism Marketing’s survey finds that Thai regular travelers to Japan accounted for 69.0% of all 500 respondents who had plans to visit Japan for leisure over the next year. Out of the total of regular travelers, Thai leisure travelers to Japan within the past year accounted for 41.6%, followed by 15.4% within the past two years and 6.2% within the past three years. The survey result shows that there are more frequent travelers from Thailand to Japan than before.

The following table shows the market trend of Thai leisure travelers to Japan.


About what motivates Thai people to have interests in Japan, the most answers were ‘TV programs or movies on Japan’ with a share of 65%, followed by ‘Japanese foods (61.4%)’ and ‘made-in-Japan products (49%).’

It is noteworthy that males were more than females in terms of ‘Japanese animations or comics’ and ‘Japanese friends.’ In contrast, Japanese foods or made-in-Japan products drew more females’ interests than males’.

Motivations to draw Thai’s interests in Japan are as follows:


The survey also investigates how Thai travelers use internet in traveling in Japan. As a result, the most answers were ‘to find local shops or tourist information on search sites (67.5%),’ followed by ‘to find local shops or tourist information on SNS (57.5%)’ and ‘to deliver experiences on SNS (57.5%).’ Out of information delivered on SNS in traveling, photos overwhelmingly accounted for 97.2%, followed by movies (46%) and check-in (45.6%).


The survey was conducted online in the period from June 26 to July 3 2015. 500 Thai people from 20 to 67 years old who have plans to visit Japan for leisure over the next year were subject to the survey.

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