Japanese desires to travel overseas heighten, and the most desirable destination is Hawaii - Recruit survey

Overseas Travel Survey 2017, conducted by AB-ROAD Research Center of Recruit Life Style, targeting 18 years old or older Japanese males and females traveling overseas in 2016, finds that the rate of desires to travel overseas (already went abroad or want to go abroad) was 82.8%, 1.3 higher points than the previous survey and higher than 79.6% in 2015.

The most desirable destination was Hawaii, followed by Taiwan and Korea. Popularity of Western Europe as a leisure destination was up to 4th from 6th in the previous survey.

The table below shows top 10 desirable destinations among Japanese who intend to travel overseas in 2017:


The most desirable destination among experienced Japanese overseas travelers in 2016 was Italy, followed by France and Spain. The most desirable destination among inexperienced Japanese overseas travelers was Hawaii, followed by Italy and Australia, probably for a security reason. 


In 2016, the most Japanese went to Taiwan, followed by Hawaii (Oahu Island) and Korea based on the survey data. 

The most satisfied destination was Western Europe, followed by Eastern Europe. Italy moved up to 6th from 14th last year, and Northern Europe also to 8th from 16th. On the contrary, Thailand except beach resorts (1st last year) and Canada (2nd last year) moved down to 10th.

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