JTB Group travel transactions reduced by 30% to 400 billion JPY in 2021 over 2019 despite well-recovery of domestic travel in December

Travel transactions of nine JTB Group companies were up 34.9% year on year to 398.1 billion JPY in 2021, but still down 30.1% compared to 2019.

Domestic travel transactions were up 21.9% year on year to 34.6 billion JPY (down 55.1% compared to 2019), and customers of the package brand ‘Ace JTB My STYLE’ were down 32.6% over 2020 and 72.4% over 2019. 

Overseas travel transactions were down 97.5% to 11.5 billion JPY over 2019 due to continuous border restrictions.

In December 2021 only, travel transactions were up 62.9% year on year to 79.8 billion JPY in total, 8% more than November 2021. Domestic travel transactions were up 63.9% to 77.6 billion JPY, which recovered to a 1.9% decrease in December 2019.

The domestic travel business was especially boosted by group travel with a 295.9% increase over a year ago or even a 71.7% increase over two years ago. Including solution businesses, transactions of general group travel were up 340.7% over a year ago or 95.2% over two years ago. Transactions of educational group travel were up 210.7% over a year ago or 33.1% over two years ago.

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