JTB ties up with Agoda to strengthen their online selling and lodging inventory

JTB has signed a comprehensive business partnership with OTA Agoda to strengthen their online selling and lodging inventory. According to the partnership, JTB expects to takes advantage of the Agoda’s strengths for digital technologies and global marketing, and Agoda to the JTB’s strengths for purchase and sales networks and big data. They are work together to accelerate lodging distribution for domestic travel in Japan and inbound travel to Japan. 

The partnership will allow JTB to renew JTB website ‘rurubu. travel’ for Japanese travelers and ‘JAPANiCAN’ for inbound travelers in probably December 2019. IN addition, they will launch a lab function to deepen tie-ups in marketing and sales activities and system development to analyze customer data for best proposals to domestic and inbound travelers.

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