Narita Airport handled more than 2 million passengers for the first time in the past two years and 10 months

Narita International Airport increased passengers by 96% year on year to 2.15 million in December 2022 (down 42% compared to 2019), the first over 2 million in the past two years and 10 months.

International flight passengers were up 482% to 1.58 million, and foreigner passengers remarkably increased by 1270% to 950,000, as the border practically opened in October 2022. Aircraft movements were up 75% to 8,377 takeoffs and landings. 

Domestic flight movements were up 33% to 4,511 takeoffs and landings (down 1% compared to 2019), which were the second most for December following 4,541 in December 2019. Passengers were up 26% to 570,000 (down 8% compared to 2019).

Passengers in 2022 totaled 15.4 million (up 194% year on year), comprising 9.03 million international flight passengers (up 377% year on year) and 6.38 million domestic flight passengers (up 90% year on year). 

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