Okinawa Prefecture draws up a tourism promotion basic plan to become a sustainable destination to be selected in the world

Okinawa Prefecture drew up ‘Okinawa Tourism Promotion Roadmap’ to carry out policies under the 6th Okinawa Tourism Promotion Basic Plan. Placing the future vision as ‘a sustainable destination to be selected in the world,’ Okinawa is addressing 85 policies from three viewpoints of society, economy and environment. 

Detailed KPIs include local communities’ happiness of 90%, tourism revenue of 1.2 trillion JPY or 100 hotels and ryokans without amenity goods. 

As basic policies, Okinawa Prefecture us focusing on sustainable or responsible destination management suitable for SDGs, tourism DX for marketing, usage and preservation of UNESCO World Heritage areas, proactive actions for decarbonization and green-recovery and development of tourism human resources.


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