Only 14% of Japanese people say that they are traveling overseas for fun within the next year

The latest JTB Tourism Research & Consulting’s survey finds that only 14.1% of all 20 years old or older respondents have plans to travel overseas for fun within the next year. The most answers are found in 20s males (28.7%), followed by 20s females (27.6%) and 30s males (22.4%). 

On the contrary, more than 11% of 60 years old or older respondents answered that they won’t travel overseas again, though they used to enjoy overseas travel before. 

Among people who plan to travel in Japan in the next year, 28% say that they want to travel overseas if Japanese Yen is stronger than now, and 25.9% say if they can take holidays. 

Regarding preferable services or products for overseas travel, 21.7% say that they look for affordable travel plan or accommodation, and 20.1% want easier booking services or supports.


The ratio of respondents who plan to travel in Japan accounts for 44.6%, higher than the previous survey in December 2022. Among 20s males and females especially, the ratio is over 50%. 

For domestic travel, the ratio of traveling alone is stable with 15.3%, while the ratio of married couple reduces to 20.4%. Family travel, including three-generation travel, is more preferred than before. 

The most selected reason for increasing travel is because they cannot stand it anymore (46.9%), followed by because they don’t have guilty feelings anymore (15.6%).


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