Smart phone users outnumber PC users in Japan due to a rapid increase in 45 years old or older users

The online user survey, conduced by the consumer trend analysis service provider Nielsen in September 2015, finds that smart phone users reached 51.48 million in Japan, which outnumbered 47.53 million PC users.

The growth rate of smart phone users was slow to 4.1% from 12.2% two years ago. However, the growth rates were 34% for 45 to 54 years old females and 53% for 55 to 64 years old males, which represented senior smart phone users may increase.

The table below shows smart change of phone users after 2013:


PC users of 35 to 44 years old reduced by 10%, while those of 45 to 54 years old continued increasing, as the table below shows. Smart phone users increased among 45 to 54 years old males (+26%), 45 to 54 years old females (+34%), 55 to 64 years old males (+50%) and 55 to 64 years old females (+40%).


The most popular service on smart phone was Google, followed by Yahoo! and LINE, and the ratio of app users on smart phone was 80%, much higher than 20% of browser users.

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