Spending in Japan by international travelers in 2023 reached record-high 5.3 trillion JPY

Japan Tourism Agency announced that spending in Japan by international travelers in 2023 increased by 9.9% to record-high 5,292 billion JPY compared to 2019, adding 1,669 billion JPY for Q4 of 2023. 

The top source market for Q4  was Taiwan with 232.5 billion JPY (13.9% of the total), followed by China with 232.2 billion JPY (13.9%), South Korea with 214.5 billion JPY (12.9%) and U.S. with 187.9 billion JPY (11.2%). A share of China was 32.1% in the same period of 2019. 

In 2023, Taiwan was also the top source market with 778.6 billion JPY (14.7%), followed by China with 759.9 billion JPY (14.4%), South Korea with 744.4 billion JPY (14.1%), U.S. with 606.2 billion JPY (11.5%) and Hong Kong with 479.5 billion JPY (9.1%).

Spending per international traveler except cruise travelers was estimated at 218,000 JPY for Q4 (up 28% over Q4 in 2019) and at 212,000 JPY in 2023 (up 33.8% over 2019). The highest average was seen in Spain with 342,000 JPY per traveler, followed by Australia with 341,000 JPY and Italy with 336,000 JPY. The highest growth in comparison with 2019 was found in Italy with 68.3% up. Spendings by visitors of all target countries and regions exceeded 2019. 

The most spent item in 2023 was accommodation with 1,829 billion JPY in total (34.6%), followed by shopping with 1,395 billion JPY (26.4%) and eating and drinking with 1,196 billion JPY (22.6%). Compared to the same period of 2019, the ratio of accommodation was higher, and shopping cost reduced from 1,669 billion JPY. 


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