The most popular overseas destination for Japanese travelers is Taiwan - Recruit survey 2019

The AB-ROAD Research Center’s survey to Japanese overseas travelers in 2018 finds that the most popular overseas destination by Japanese travelers was Taiwan with a share of 16.3% for five years in a row. South Korea moved up to 2nd with a share of 13.6%, while Oahu Hawaii moved down to 3rd with a share of 13.4%. 

Taiwan was selected equally by all of the generations, and South Korea by much more females than males, especially 9.9% of males to 23.6% of females in the 18 to 29 years old segment, as the table below shows.


Among overseas travel experiences in 2018, a share of travelers who went or will go abroad in 2019 is 82.5%, lower than 83.7% a year ago. The most want-to-go destination in 2019 is Taiwan (15.5%) again, followed by Oahu (14.8%) and South Korea (11.8%). The most want-to-go destination in the future is Italy (34.5%), followed by France (32.9%) and Spain (32.8%). 

Among Japanese who have not experienced overseas travels before, the most want-to-go destination is Hawaii (44.4%), followed by France (34%) and Italy (32.5%). 


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