The top decisive condition for Japanese family to select an overseas destination is ‘have never been there before’

The latest survey on popular destinations for Japanese family travelers finds that the top destination was America, followed by Indonesia and Australia.

According to, America is preferred most because the destination meets a variety of needs, such as nature, entertainments or urban tourism, and Indonesia is popular in terms of beach resorts appropriate for family travelers with kids particularly. As Australia has different seasonality from Japan, it is preferred as a winter destination.

Top five popular family destinations are as follows:

1. America

2. Indonesia

3. Australia

4. Thailand

5. Malaysia

Top 10 decisive conditions to select a destination are as follows:

1. have never been there before

2. can relax

3. untouched nature

4. famous tourist spots

5. can go at low budget

6. enjoyed before

7. high cost performance

8. a high profile in cuisine

9. adult-only areas

10. deep history

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