The top e-commerce website was Amazon in the user rate and Rakuten in frequency of use and purchase in July 2015

The latest JustSystem’s monthly survey on mobile & social media finds that Amazon was the e-commerce site with the highest user rate (78.8%), followed by Rakuten (76.8%) and Yahoo! Shopping (50.5%), in July 2015.

The followings are user rate results in July:


Among the top three e-commerce websites, the highest rate of frequency of use was found in Rakuten (48%), followed by Amazon (47.2%) and Yahoo! Shopping (4.8%).

In comparison of total purchase amount, the top was Rakuten (49.3%), followed by Amazon (44.8%) and Yahoo! Shopping (5.9%).

The survey was conducted to 1,100 JustSystem monitors from 15 to 69 years old in the period from July 30 to August 4 2015. Users of the top three e-commerce websites were 460.

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