Tourism website view ranking 2019 in Japan shows No.1 was ‘’ in travel booking and ‘OSAKA-INFO’ in local tourist information

Japan Travel and Tourism Association and Values, a digital marketing consultation provider, jointly conducted the survey about views on tourism-related websites in 2019. The survey was categorized into ‘travel and transportation booking’ sites and ‘local government’s tourist information’ sites. 

Among travel and transportation booking sites, ‘’ was top, followed by ‘Rakuten Travel’ in both PC and mobile phone. TripAdvisor, JR East, ANA followed the top two. The large growth rates in mobile phone were seen in ‘H.I.S. (+19.9%),’ ‘d travel (+10.9%)’ or ‘JRE POINT or loyalty point site of JR EAST (+32%).’ 


Among local government’s tourist information sites, ‘OSAKA-INFO’ of Osaka Prefecture was top in PC, followed by ‘Visit Okinawa Japan’ of Okinawa Prefecture and ‘GO TOKYO’ of Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Top three in mobile phone were ‘Mie Once in Your Lifetime’ of Mie Prefecture, ‘OSAKA-INFO’ and ‘IBARAKI GUIDE’ of Ibaraki Prefecture.

‘Visit Okinawa Japan’ had 1.5 times more views in 2019 than a year ago thanks to successful advertising campaigns. An increase in views on ‘Mie Once in Your Lifetime’ linked to an increase in searches about Ise Shrine. 


Meanwhile, major keywords searched with a word of ‘tourism’ were names of cities, such as ‘Tokyo,’ ‘Kyoto’ or ‘Osaka.’ Also, keywords of ‘model course,’ ‘tourist spots,’ ‘recommendation,’ ‘winter,’ ‘rain’ or ‘unknown tourist spots’ were ranked high, which seems to represent a consumers’ trend to seek leisure attractions depending seasons or occasions. 

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