Workcation is promising in Japan as an option of new working styles with COVID-19

The trend survey of Nikkei BP, a business magazine publisher, finds that the index score of ‘Workcation’ is rapidly rising, which means the keyword draws much more attentions as an option of new working styles with COVID-19  in Japan.

The index scores in the categories of ‘potentiality’ and ‘business impact,’ as the table below, were calculated by 50 marketing experts.

The highest growth rate in the category of consumption potentiality was seen ‘Workcation’ with a score of 3.32 (+0.44), followed by ‘Multi-habitation (a score of 3.31),’  which may illustrate that Japanese working styles or lifestyles have changed since the COVID-19 crisis occurred. 

On the other hand, the downward trends were found in ‘Inbound travel consumption (down 0.54 points to 2.97)  and ‘Nighttime economy (down 0.42 points to 3.00). 

The tourism-related keywords of ‘MaaS (4.33)’ and ‘cashless payment (4.3)’ were still ranked in the upper level of potentiality.

For both potentiality and business impact in the technology category, a score of ‘Digital transformation (DX)’ rose by 0.74 points to 3.62, as online telework or meeting has been used by much more people than before. According to the findings, Nikkei BP has forecasted that the hybrid business activity of online and offline is accelerating. 

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