ANA ended FY2015 with a remarkable financial growth, and JAL with a double-digit increase in income

ANA Group and JAL Group each announced the consolidated financial results for FY2015 ending March 31 2016. JAL Group reduced operating revenue by 0.6% year on year to 1,336.6 billion JPY and also cut operating cost by 3.2% to 1,127.4 billion JPY. With success of the cost reduction efforts, JAL finally posted operating income of 209.1 billion JPY (+16.4%) and ordinary income of 209.2 billion JPY (+19.4%).

ANA Group achieved record-high operating revenue, operating income and ordinary income for FY2015 mainly because of a remarkable growth of the international passenger services, as ANA outnumbered JAL in terms of international flight passengers for the first time. Operating revenue was up 4.5% to 1,791.1 billion JPY, while operating cost was up 2.0% to 1,654.7 billion JPY. ANA finally posted operating income of 136.4 billion JPY (+49.1%) and ordinary income of 130.7 billion JPY (+94.7%).

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