ANA is selected as the most valuable websites in Web Equity Ranking 2019 of Japan, followed by JAL

Tribeck Strategies announced Web Equity Ranking 2019 in terms of contribution of digital media to business, targeting 242 companies in major 12 industries. The website value is calculated with sales value and information value. 

The ranking shows that ANA is selected as the most valuable website with a value of 103.4 billion JPY, followed by JAL with a value of 93.3 billion JPY. Among airlines, Skymark is ranked 59th with a value of 23.8 billion JPY. 

JTB is ranked 24th with a value of 38.3 billion JPY among travel companies, followed by Hankyu with 33.4 billion JPY (37th), H.I.S. with 32 billion JPY (39th) and NTA with 19.4 billion JPY (83rd).

Hishino Resorts, which is only an accommodation provider among all targeted companies, is ranked 116th with 13.6 billion JPY.

Top 10 companies are:

1 ANA 103.4 billion JPY

2 JAL 93.3 billion JPY

3 Toyota 81.8 billion JPY

4 Panasonic 72.7 billion JPY

5 Sekisui House 70.2 billion JPY

6 NTT Docomo 65 billion JPY

7 Softbank 58.7 billion JPY

8 Suntory 58.3 billion JPY

9 Uniqlo 54.9 billion JPY

10 au 54.7 billion JPY

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