Female college students are more positive about overseas graduation trip than males in Japan

The latest Mynavi Travel survey finds that the ratio of college students with travel plans celebrating graduations is 77.8% of the total. The average travel frequency is 1.72 times for domestic travel and 1.14 times for overseas travel. 

The most popular domestic travel destination is Osaka (22.4%), followed by Okinawa (20.2%) and Kyoto (19.7%), though the popularity varies with regions. Among students in Kansai area, for instance, Okinawa, Tokyo and Fukuoka are top 3 popular destinations. 

The survey also shows that female students are more positive about graduation trip than males, indicating that the ratio of female students with travel plans is about 80%, higher than 70% of males. The trend is found in overseas travel, as the ratio of male students with no overseas travel plan is 46.5%, higher than 31.4% of females. 

The graphs show frequencies of graduation trips by sex (above: domestic, below: overseas):


The most-used information source is ‘travel information media on website (61.9%),’ followed by ‘SNS (52.5%)’ and ‘guidebook or travel magazine (34.3%).’ 63.2% answer that selection of a travel destination can be influenced by photogenic spots, and also 63.2% answer that selection of a travel course can be influenced by photogenic spots.

The average budget a domestic travel is 42,000 JPY, and the most expected accommodation budget is 10,000 to 12,000 JPY a night (24.8%), followed by 4,000 to 6,000 JPY a night (16.6%). The most focused element to select accommodation is ‘price (87.7%),’ followed by ‘location (46.1%).’

The survey was conducted in the period between December 20 2017 and January 31 2018, targeting 855 senior college students. 

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