JAL and a Japan’s leading communication company work together for 5G aviation service demonstration

JAL, KDDI, one of the Japan’s leading communication company, and KDDI Research have started the second 5G demonstrations for the aviation services, such as remote-control operation for aircraft maintenance. This follows the first demonstration in 2018.

Taking advantage of 5G superiorities, such as high-speed and high volume, multi-connections and low delay, they will perform remote-control operations for aircraft maintenance using 4K resolution images and also for a particular spot maintenance using 8K resolution images.

With real-time connections with high-resolution images, multi-sensor data and real-time access to a remote place, high quality performance is ensured. They will demonstrate operator’s works for dissolution or assembly of electronic parts for the 4K resolution image operation and transmission speed in a particular spot for the 8K resolution image operation.


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