JAL and KDDI demonstrate 5G-based aviation services including boarding with mobile phone only

JAL, KDDI and KDDI Research will jointly demonstrate 5G-based aviation services. The service allows a traveler to board an airplane at a boarding gate without showing a board pass on a mobile phone if he or she completes check-in procedures on a dedicated app. At a boarding gate, passenger information can be detected and validated automatically.

By using 5G-based positioning information, they will also test delivery of high-resolution images to guide a user to a designated boarding gate and provide flight information in an airport. 

5G, a new communication standard introducing in Japan after 2019, is expected to have 20 times higher speed and more date volume than the current 4G, which possibly delivers higher-resolution images, such as 4K or VR, without stresses. 

The demonstration tests will be performed in a simulated airport facility in JAL Innovation lab. 

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