JTB publishes ‘JTB REPORT 2021,’ viewing post-pandemic overseas travel market of Japan

JTB published ‘JTB REPORT 2021 All about Japanese Overseas Travelers,’ which summarizes prospects of the Japanese overseas travel market after the pandemic based on consumer survey results, public statistics and market analysis.

The report says that Asia including Japan is expected to be much behind Europe or U.S. in terms of restart of overseas travel. Keys for demand recovery in Asia are rise in vaccination rate and reopening of outbound travel from China, which is the largest source market in Asia. 

According to the survey results to Japanese people in the report, Hawaii and Asian countries are ranked high as popular destinations after the pandemic. Also, the report says that growth of Japanese overseas travelers after the pandemic is expected to be lower than pre-pandemic because travel cost a travel possibly rise from middle- or long-term point of view.


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