OTA becomes a major booking site for overseas travel in Japan, reaching the ratio of 22%

The recent JTB Tourism Research & Consulting’ survey on the overseas travel trend in Japan finds that the most popular booking site for overseas travel is OTA with the ratio of 22%, followed by travel company’s website (20.3%) and travel company’s retailer (17.2%). The ratios of bookings on direct-sales official websites are 15.1% for airlines and 3.2% for hotels.

By generation, one-third of 20’s or younger people books overseas travels at retailers. OTA is top with the ratio of about 30% among 40’s, and travel company’s website top with the ratio of about 30% among 60 to 70 years old.

The biggest reason for choosing a booking site is ‘price (33.8%),’ and the ratio is particularly high among young people. Also, major reasons are found in ‘to obtain miles or royalty points’ among 50’s and ‘well-known brand’ and ‘effective tour’ among 60’s. 


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