The most –preferred purpose to visit Japan by Chinese FIT is cherry blossom viewing, according to survey Group announced a report on Chinese FIT travel trend in their traveling to Japan in 2019, which based on the Ctrip booking data.

 The report says that FIT is one of the mainstream trends in traveling to Japan. Bookings of FIT products for Japan on Group were up 46% year on year, and application of tours to Japan tripled.

 One of the notable trends is that experience-typed consumptions in Japan are preferred by more Chinese FIT than before.

 Top 10 purposes to visit Japan are:

1 Cherry blossom viewing

2 Autumn leaves viewing

3 Onsen (hot spring)

4 Snow activities

5 Vacation in remote islands

6 Kimono experiences

7 Walking in a town for foods

8 Visiting temples or shrines

9 Playing in theme-parks

10 Enjoying entertainment shows or sports games

 Top 10 popular destinations in Japan are:

1 Osaka

2 Tokyo

3 Okinawa

4 Sapporo

5 Nagoya

6 Fukuoka

7 Takamatsu

8 Kagoshima

9 Kyoto

10 Sendai

 Top 10 rising cities in Japan are:

1 Takamatsu

2 Kobe

3 Saga

4 Sendai

5 Izu

6 Matsuyama

7 Kumamoto

8 Nagoya

9 Kagoshima

10 Sapporo

 The most popular tourist spot is Universal Studio Japan, followed by Tokyo Disneyland, Kaiyukan, Tokyo Tower and Legoland Japan. The most-preferred department store is Takashimaya, followed by Kintestu, Big Cameram Odakyu and Daimaru. Group also released online visa application data report 2019. According to that, one-fourth of all Ctrip’s visa application agency service users applied for Japanese visa. Applicants for Japanese visa were up 28% in 2019, and the growth rate of multi-visa applicants was 87%. said that the growth was seen in a generation between 1990s and 2000s and also in other cities than four mega cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen).

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